Maeping Mango Riverside Resort is a registered hotel with a beautiful riverside restaurant in the historic town of Kamphaeng Phet, on the Asia Highway halfway between Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

The name “Maeping Mango” refers to the resort’s position on the banks of the Ping River and to a giant mango tree on the property.

Maeping is the Thai name for the Ping River. It comes from mae nam, meaning river (mae means mother and nam means water). Maeping is a contraction of Mae Nam Ping.

Sunrise over our restaurant, Baan Nichapa.

Sunrise over our restaurant, Baan Nichapa.

The mango tree is a local landmark. People in the neighbourhood refer to it as the 100-year mango, meaning that it has been a mature tree in living memory.

Many locals believe it is a sacred tree that houses spirits who look after the land and care for the people who live there.

Workers helping to build the resort set up a small shrine to the spirits at the base of the tree.

Some workers and locals believe the tree can bring good luck. They rub the tree with white powder until they discern a pattern showing at least two numbers. They then try to get these numbers when buying lottery tickets.

The mango tree was an important factor in deciding the position of buildings when the resort was being designed.

It is immediately in front of the Baan Nichapa restaurant and towers over the building.