Restaurant & Bar

Baan Nichapa Restaurant

Maeping Mango’s Baan Nichapa Restaurant is named after your host, Nichapa Mahuemuang Armstrong – a local lady who left home to study and work but who came home to follow her dream.

The food theme for the restaurant is Thai country-style cuisine.

The restaurant consists of a large, high-ceilinged, air-conditioned building at the front of the resort; two open-air riverside balconies with striking views of the Ping River; and a long open-air riverbank dining level, divided into small, semi-private seating areas.

Between the restaurant and the kitchen is the ancient giant mango tree, from which the resort gets its name.

Nichapa’s menu focuses on Thai country-style food because that is what she learned at home, growing up in the nearby village of Paktong.

She learned from her father. Her mother ran a stall in the local markets and left for work before the sun rose.

Nichapa’s father cooked for the family (there were six children) and country-style food was what he knew.

Nichapa learned by watching and contributing: slicing the vegetables, preparing herbs and spices and pounding spices to make curries.

She learned the aromas and tastes of herbs and spices and how to handle them to make the most of their flavours.

Diners will be able to enjoy dishes they would not often see on other restaurant menus, including country chicken curry with pumpkin, red curry beef with eggplant, red curry chicken with young papaya and red curry chicken with young banana.

Nichapa lived and worked in Bangkok for 20 years and while there she learned Western cooking, by study and practice. Baan Nichapa’s menu also has Western dishes, especially at breakfast and lunch.


Coffee House & Bar

Next to the restaurant is the Garden Bar – a drinks and coffee bar that also serves bar snacks, cakes and cookies to go with the beverages.

A feature of the Garden Bar is the Spider Web ceiling – which Nichapa designed, along with the curved wooden bar.

This air-conditioned space is also the Reception area.

Customers can sit inside or outside, in the garden created specially for the Bar.