Travelling to Kamphaeng Phet

The provincial capital of Kamphaeng Phet is best reached by car. The city has no airport (although there are airports at Sukhothai and Phitsanulok).

The GPS co-ordinates are: N16°26’32.361” E99°31’37.058” or 16.442570,99.527121

To get to Maeping Mango Riverside resort

From Bangkok, by car: 

  1. Head north from Bangkok, taking Highway No. 32 past Ayutthaya, Ang Thong, Singburi, Chai Nat and Uthai Thani.
  2. Just past the point where the highway enters Nakhon Sawan province, turn left at the road marked “Kamphaeng Phet By Pass”. This goes on to join Highway No.1 (the Asia Highway) that goes past Kamphaeng Phet.
  3. On nearing Kamphaeng Phet, immediately past the national highway 454km sign, there is a three-way intersection, with traffic lights, where Route 112 joins Highway 1. Overhead signs point to Phitsanulok and Phichit. Turn right onto Route 112.
  4. After 1.3 km, there is another set of traffic lights, next to Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University. Turn right here.
  5. After 200m the road reaches a three-way intersection. Turn left and follow this road.
  6. After 500m it does a sharp turn to the right and runs alongside the river.
  7. After another 500m, it goes past a temple (on the right hand side) and a school (called the Sathit School) on the left.
  8. The resort entrance is a further 800m along the road, on the left hand side.

From Chiang Mai, by car: 

Take the route to Bangkok, via Lampang and Tak (Highway No.1) and on to Kamphaeng Phet. As the highway nears Kamphaeng Phet city, there is four-way intersection with traffic lights. Keep going straight ahead.

Just past the national highway 455km sign is the three-way intersection, with traffic lights, mentioned above.

Turn left here onto Route 112 and then follow directions 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, as above.

Maeping Mango is within easy driving distance of the neighbouring provinces of Nakhon Sawan, Tak, Sukhothai, Phitsanulok and Phichit.

From Nakhon Sawan, take Highway 1 and follow the “from Bangkok” directions.

From Tak, take Highway 1 and follow the “from Chiang Mai” directions.

From Sukhothai, take Route 101 towards Kamphaeng Phet.

From Phitsanulok or Phichit, take Route 115.

Route 101 and Route 115 both connect with Route 112.  Turn left onto Route 112 and follow it across the river to the Rajabhat University intersection immediately past the bridge.

Turn left at the traffic lights and then follow directions 5, 6, 7 and 8, as above.

For travellers coming by bus: Air-conditioned (and non-air-conditioned) coaches depart regularly from Bangkok’s Northern Bus Terminal  (Mo Chit No. 2), not far from Chatuchak Market. For more information call +66 (0) 2936 2852-66

In Chiang Mai, buses leave from the Arcade Bus Stations, at the eastern end of Kaew Nawarat Road, near the Super Highway. For more information call +66 (0) 5324-2664 or visit Arcade Bus Station website

Kamphaeng Phet has a big bus terminal and onward transport can be arranged quite easily.